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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
My opinion at any given time represents the best information I have available, tainted by my own bias. My views are subject to change as I find new information or when it is brought to my attention.

The trailer for my latest Warcraft III map/mod can be found here.

Speed runs I've done:

Resident Evil 4 New Game US version - 2:54:19
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow New Game - 1:16:05
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Julius Mode - 1:19:14

Interests (144):

5ks, acting, amon amarth, art, art modeling, artificial intelligence, austere, austin tx, autodidacticism, baldur's gate 1&2, ballroom dancing, berserk, bicycling, bill cosby, bioware, bioware games, boxing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, buddhism, camaraderie, castlevania, castlevania series, cat herding, cheesecake, combat, computer science, computers, cooking, couch to 5k, critical thinking, cz, d&d, daryl davis, david sirlin, death metal, derek daniels, dethklok, dnd, do it yourself, dota, drawing, dungeons and dragons, eating healthy, efficiency, eluveitie, exercise, finance, firearms, folk metal, frugal, frugality, game design, game modding, gaming, geeks, gnomes, green tea, guns, haikus, half-life, half-life 2, intj, investing, investment, jiu-jitsu, john mcwhorter, judo, karaoke, kickboxing, knowledge, korpiklaani, leadership, leading, making stuff, manga, marksmanship, martial arts, masanobu fukuoka, meditation, metal, metalocalypse, metroid, metroid metal, metroid series, michael mann, mixed martial arts, modeling, nassim taleb, nerds, nightwish, nintendo, norman borlaug, nude modeling, nutrition, oc remix, odin, open courseware, opeth, overclocked remix, philosophy, phoenix wright, planescape: torment, power metal, process improvement, psychology, re4, reading, resident evil, roleplay, roleplaying, running, sake, singing, smash bros, social psychology, speed running, speed runs, strategy, super smash bros, swords, symphonic metal, teaching, ted, ted talks, thor, tom clancy, turisas, udk, unreal developer kit, unreal engine, video games, videogame culture, videogame music, videogame music remixes, videogame soundtracks, videogame tournaments, videogames, vikings, warcraft 3, wc3, weaponry, weapons, wisdom, writing
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